Area - 8856 sq. km
Languages - Hindi, Kumaoni, English
Population - 42,200
STD Code - 05964


The famous hill resort of Pithoragarh is in Uttaranchal, which seems to be attracting a lot of tourists these days, because the state not only offers the tourists a chance to enjoy natural beauty but also a chance to try various adventure sports, such as white river rafting, hang-gliding and skiing. So whether you want to spend a holiday close to nature or have the time of your life. Come to Pithoragarh and make Hill resorts in India your travel partner, so you can choose the right holiday package to this beautiful hill resort.


Pithoragarh stands at a height of 1,851 meters in a valley, fondly called the 'Little Kashmir' in the northern state of Uttaranchal. The district covers an area of 8,856 square kilometers and it borders both Nepal and Tibet.

Pithoragarh-Sites to Visit

While you are at a tour of Pithoragarh, you can check out a number of lakes around Pithoragarh. There are two of them which are quite famous, one of them being Jolingkong and the other one being Anchherital. While the former is at a height of 4,634 meters, the latter is situated at an altitude of 3,658 meters. The district is dotted all over with many old temples that you visit. There is a shrine at Purnagiri, which is only 20 kms from Tanakpur, and there is another Sikh shrine near Lohaghat called Ritha Sahib. According to a belief, Guru Nanak touched the bitter ritha and it turned sweet after his touch.

A tour to the White Manu Temple is also a must if you are in Pithoragarh. It is dedicated to the Goddess, who on invocation brings rain thus good fortune to the mountains.

Pithoragarh-Sites Nearby

If you are in Pithoragarh for a few days, you can travel to Baleshwar, which is 76km away on the Tankpur Road. There you can see the beautiful temples which were built by early Chand rajas in the 8th Century. About 77 kms from Pithoragarh is a Shaktipeeth, which was established by Adi Sankaracharya. About two kilometers away is Chamunda Devi temple.

Around 14 kms from Gangolihat is Patal Bhubaneshwar, a temple, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Interestingly enough, one has to go through a tunnel to reach the temple.

Around 62 kms from Pithoragarh is Lohaghat. About 2 kms from here is the Abbot Mount and Mayawati. At Mount Abbot, one can see a lot of Bungalows, which belong to the colonial era. This place also offers a great view of the Northern Hill Ranges. Mayawati is known for the headquarters of Adwait Ashram.

At a distance of 7km from Pithoragarh is Chandak. It is at a height of 1,830 meters and offers a breathtaking view of the Pithoragarh valley. 20 kms from Tanakpur is Punyagiri, which has the Punyagiri temple, which is devoted to Maa Punyagiri.

Pithoragarh-Adventure Sports

One can enjoy rafting and canoeing at areas close to Pithoragarh. There are also possibilities for hang-gliding and other adventure sports. Khaliya Top and Batulidhar are perfect was skiing and other sports. Trout fishing can be enjoyed at the rivers in the district.

Pithoragarh- Reaching there

There are frequent buses to Pithoragarh from Almora, Nainital and Delhi, so getting to Pithoragarh by road is no problem. The closest railhead is at Tanakpur and the closest airport is at Patnanagar, which is 249kms from Pithoragarh.

Pithoragarh-Fairs and festivals

Probably the most popular festival is held in autumn at Jaul Jibi, where copper pots, woolens and even shaggy-maned Himalayan horses are bought and sold.

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